Period After Opening Symbol

Ever wonder what does this symbol means? If you notice carefully, it is all over evete's products.

Period After Opening Symbol

or PAO Symbol in short is a graphic symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a cosmetic product after its package has been opened for the first time. Source : Wikipedia

The cosmetic PAO tells how many months you are meant to use a product after opening. It is often represented with a number of months, you may see a number and followed by a letter "M" in short for month. For example, you may see 6M in our body butter label. This means that you are recommended to finish up or use the product within 6 months after opening.

Let's say you open up our body butter on March 1st, therefore, it is recommended for you to finish it up 6 months after March 1st, which is on (approximately) September 1st.

Here are the list of evete's useful lifetime products :

  • Body Butter : 6 month
  • Body Lotion : 12 month
  • Body Scrub : 6 month
  • Lip Balm : 18 month

Tips to keep your natural products in good condition

  • Make sure you read Storage labeled in every product, store it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct heat or sunlight near evete's products as some are sensitive to high temperature
  • Keep off water from entering any of evete's products. Bacteria and mold breeds on water. This includes humid area too!
  • All of evete's products moisturizers products are meant to be use on a daily basis, make sure you use them regularly to absorb all the natural ingredients goodness in a prime condition
  • All of evete's exfoliator products are meant to be use 3-4 times a week, make sure you finish them up fast or share.

Let us all be more aware with little things! ;)

Body Butter or Body Lotion?

What is Body Butter?

Body butters, anhydrous one, are made of only one phase. Our body butter consist of natural oils and butters, no water added. This makes them a more concentrated form of moisture. Evete's body butter contains 60% unrefined Shea Butter so you can imagine how rich and moisturizing it is. It doesn't need preservatives, because it doesn't contain any water. So it is possible for us to make 100% natural body butters. Downside, it may be a bit heavy for some people and it takes longer to absorb.

What is Body Lotion?

Body lotion is made up of two phases, oil phase and water phase. We need emulsifiers to combine this two phases since water and oil don't mix naturally. This is why a lotion cannot be 100% natural. It also needs preservatives since there is water in the formulation. Bacteria mold and all that nasty stuffs breeds in water. So why the need to have a water phase? It makes the lotion absorb much faster, no heavy feeling. This also allows us to put in beneficial and amazing ingredients like goat milk and honey, since they are only soluble in water.

So which one suits you BETTER?

For those of you who have dry sensitive skin, problem skin like eczema or psiorasis, we really recommend our body butters. Your skin really needs the concentrated moisturizing and healing benefits of the natural oils and butters. Use all over or use on your problem areas. We have had a lot of people who says that our body butters help calm their eczema and psoriasis.

For those of you who have normal skin, but experience dryness from time to time. We recommend our body lotion for day time, since it is lighter but will keep your skin moisturized and soft. For night time, pamper yourself with our body butter, especially on those dry spots like elbows, knees, cuticles, feet, etc.

It really depends on your needs and the condition of your skin. Overall, we recommend our body butters for those dry spots on your body, for problems areas, whenever you feel you need extra moisturization. While we recommend our body lotion for all area of your body, perfect for daytime use, no heavy feeling.

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