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    Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Argan Oil

    Lip Remedies is a limited edition luxury lip care set inspired and curated by our instagram muse, Rissa lippielust. If anyone knows anything about the importance of lip care, its lippielust, she needs to keep those lips in tip top shape. She loves it when others take good care of their lips and wants to make it an easy enjoyable experience, hence the inspiration for this lip care set, all you need to take care of your lips in one box.

    Lip remedies consists of three natural lip care products that will remedy all your lip problems, making it so easy for you to rock those lipsticks you love. Packed with the finest natural ingredients like mango butter and argan oil, it is truly luxurious, there's no way your lips wont love it. If this lip care set solves lippielust's everyday lip problems, it will definately work for you too. Here are three easy steps to amazing looking lips:

    Step 1: Lipstick Remover
    New innovation in the lip care world! Specially designed to remove those tough matte liquid lipsticks. It's so important to get rid of all traces of lipstick, its also important to remove them gently. This lipstick remover is so easy to use, squeeze some on to finger, rub on to lips, wait for a minimum of 30 seconds, gently wipe off. Makes removing lipstick such a breeze, perfect after a long day or switch lipstick colors in no time.

    Step 2: Lip Scrub
    Nothing makes lipstick look worse than dead skin. Don't we all hate them, that perfect colour won't go on smoothly, it will look patchy. No no, no more! This lip scrub will get rid of those annoying dead skin on your lips, just apply some to lip, rub in circular motions, wipe off, voila. The sugar will gently exfoliate and the combination of natural butters and oil will help soften lip. Smooth supple lip in minutes!

    Step 3: Lip Balm
    This lip balm was formulated with you lipstick lovers in mind. We wanted to create a lipbalm that was light, yet moisturising enough to be worn under lipstick. No more long wait times or patting off traces of lipbalm before putting on lipstick. This is the only lip balm you'll ever need before putting on lipstick!